Are you prepared? Do you know how you will respond to a crisis? Scilife Solutions have just launched their new crisis management course for senior executives in the private sector. The course is designed around the training already provided to law enforcement managers charged with responding to critical incidents. This course can be tailored to meet the needs of either law enforcement, other emergency responders or senior management within commercial organisations. They are available both in the UK and overseas. The courses are designed and delivered in a way that ensures the five main strategic principles are key to minimising impact and to maximising the opportunity for an effective and efficient solution. Managing Director of Scilife Solutions Mr Derek Forest OBE said “We all know that when faced with the unexpected it is at that time we need positive leadership, strong decision making, and across the board lateral thinking to ensure the best possible outcome and the earliest recovery to normality. We also know that those unexpected incidents can have a devastating effect on organisational reputation, which is compounded when not handled quickly and effectively”. The trainers delivering these courses speak from experience and have themselves been faced with some of the most challenging situations including those incidents that have seen the largest loss of life in living memory. They have hands on management experience of situations such as the South East Asian Tsunami in 2004, overseas terrorist incidents and air crashes. We deliver the courses tailored to suit your specific organisational requirements and they are delivered in a safe and confidential but challenging environment. If you think your organisation can benefit from this opportunity then please contact us to discuss your requirements.

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