Sampact® DNA Collection Pro-PRIMEi

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A specimen storage system designed to pre­serve the integrity, enhance the collection and assure the quality of the sample during collec­tion, storage, transportation and analysis.

The Sampact™ is a polyurethane plastic device with the Fitzco Pro-PRIME paper membrane loaded inside. When closing the lid onto the swab, it allows for positive transfer of cells to membrane through compression of swab to paper and is is designed to work with automated or manu­al punching systems.

The Sampact™ reduces the time handling the biological samples. To ensure a contamination free collection, storage and transportation. It supports a variety of samples. The Sampact™ can be adaptable for custom applications Perfect for DNA collection: Blood, Buccal, Skin, Tissue

The Sampact card format uses a heavy card stock that surrounds the collection area, which is shaped to fit foam swabs.  This heavy card stock gives the card rigidity for specimen collection and processing.  The Sampact Card fits perfectly into our Sampact Cartridge, which is ideal for buccal cell sample collection.

ProPRIME utilizes a gentle cell lysis upon contact unlike existing paper matrix product(s) utilizing harsh extraction techniques and methods. ProPRIME solves the problem of protein denaturing during the lysis phase of a biological sample. Cell lysis is the disruption of the cell walls to release the biological components of the cell. These include DNA, RNA, organalles, and lipids from the cell. Once the cell has lysed and spilled out its cellular contents, the cell has died. Cell lysis can occur naturally, in most cases through the drying process. It can also occur chemically and physically. Usually when a sample dries the cell and its components lyse onto a matrix or substrate. Cell lysis fractures the cell and releases its components entrapping the cellular contents within the matrix. As that occurs, the protein can denature or degrade and become essentially useless. Other commercially available matrix lysing products that instantly lyse cells are harsh and do not provide a suitable environment for the protein, hence denatures protein structures.

Primary protein structures are preserved. Proteins are the target with other cellular components (i.e. nucleic acids) trapped in the treated FP705™ paper as well.  ProPRIME also inactivates proteins that cause the pathogens to be dangerous..

ProPRIME is proven to work with many current protocols.  Applications with current paper matrix collection products using existing DNA processing techniques and protocols work with a slight modification or additional wash step.  PRO is also amendable to automation for DNA analysis. Liquid handling systems can be utilized for protein or DNA extractions that include the silica-based extraction chemistries.


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