Multi Barrier Pouch Tape Closure

Short Description

The FITZCO® ULTRAbarrier™ Pouch was designed to be used in the field for the collection of DNA/biological samples.




The pouches have multiple uses:

  • DNA
  • Specimens
  • Bloodstains
  • Buccal cells
  • Photos
  • Tissue
  • Bone evidence

The outer paper allows for printing, labels or handwriting. ULTRAbarrier™ is durable enough to properly transport your sample while still being structured to reduce the possibility of outside contaminants.

You can store FITZCO® cards, DNA Cards, FTA® Cards and other biological samples in the pouches in both frozen and ambient conditions.

The FITZCO® ULTRAbarrier™ pouch is perfect for use with dried blood spot cards /dried specimen cards such as the FTA® Cards, 903® paper, FITZCO® 705™ cards, PRO™ and ProPRIME™.

FITZCO® certifies full seven layers of protection (6.25mil thickness). When combined these layers form the FITZCO® ULTRAbarrier™.

The initial multi barrier pouch was designed, manufactured, certified and validated by FITZCO® for storing DNA Cards, FTA® Cards, etc. The same formula is used as with the original multi-barrier pouches founded in 1991. This formula has over 20 years of validation.


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Price: £99.99