At Scilife Solutions we pride ourselves on providing experienced consultants and world beating products in the Forensic and Life Science markets . Our range of products is backed by modern Research and Development facilities that has for decades led the field in areas such as DNA.

Forensic services are normally associated with reactive solutions to a particular problem or issue; however Scilife Solutions can offer advice, consultancy and training services that are pro-active whereby any resultant effects can be readily identified and therefore mitigated thus reducing the overall harm or disruption.

Our senior consultants all have over 30 years industry experience.  Our team has operational experience in major and critical incidents that have included G7, G8, NATO, Counter Terrorism, Intelligence, Bomb Scene Management, Crime Scene Management, Counter Terrorist Search Training, CBRN Training, VIP Visits, Personal Protection, 2010 Winter Olympics, 2012 London Olympics, Target Hardening and Physical Protection.

Specialist Training

Crime Scene Management

We can offer you bespoke and cost effective training in Crime Scene Management instructing your staff on how to identify and recover the best possible evidence from the most difficult of circumstances. Training can also be delivered to those expected to work in a Chemical, Biological, Radiological or Nuclear (CBRN) environment in particular First Responders and Commanders.

Search Training in either General Crime or Counter Terrorism can be delivered to Government or NGOs’ to meet the needs of that particular unit. (It must be stressed that Counter Terrorism Training relates to Low Risk Operations)

Contingency and Business Continuity Planning

This is crucial to the operational efficiency of any organisation.  It is not uncommon for most companies to fail to maintain an effective and up to date plan that will help overcome any disruption to business operations, in some cases there is no plan whatsoever.  Scilife Solutions can provide training or produce bespoke plans that will allow a business to continue effectively. During any tender process it is vital for the customer to have confidence in the supplier to meet their contractual obligation and any failure could result in the good name of either business to be tarnished.

Target Hardening

The effects of most criminal assaults or attacks can be prevented or minimised through simple and cost effective Target Hardening measures, whether it be for an individual, group, crowd or nation. This mantra also relates to buildings or whole complexes’.  Counter Measures can be designed to meet the needs of the individual, nation or an emerging threat.

These measures are best implemented at the earliest opportunity; for example the design phase of a build or as soon as a threat is identified. This discipline compliments and often drives the Contingency and Business Planning.

Scilife Solutions can offer advice and planning solutions in these critical areas that are effective and relevant taking in to account the Risk and Threat.

Other Courses now available include:

Crisis Management Training – Commercial Sector,

Crisis Management Training – Law Enforcement,

Disaster management training – Strategic,

Disaster Management Training – Tactical,

An Introduction to Disaster Victim Identification,

Disaster Victim Identification – Victim Recovery Training,

Disaster Victim Identification – Victim Recovery Supervisors Course,

Disaster Victim Identification – Emergency Mortuary training,

Disaster Victim Identification – Emergency Mortuary Supervisors,

Disaster Victim Identification – Data Management Training,

Disaster Victim Identification – Data Management Supervisors Training,

Disaster Victim Identification – Data Management Commander Training,

Disaster Victim Identification – Data Reconciliation Training,

Disaster Victim Identification – Data Reconciliation Supervisor Training,

Disaster Victim Identification – Use of Forensic Dentistry in DVI,


Please Contact us at to discuss your bespoke organisational requirements. Our experts are available to ensure that your training needs are met and that your workforce is fully prepared.